02 März 2016

Yuki Matsuri: Teaparty with Lolitabutiken and Porcelain Doll

Hello lovelies, 

on Sunday, february the 20th, we had the teaparty onganized from Gothic Lolita Austria in collaboration with Yuki Matsuri, a new convention in Vienna! We had a wonderful location, the KHM Vienna where we filled the goodie bags and checked everything organizational. The places slowly get taken of beautiful girls:
And also on the other side:
At 11 o'clock we started our teaparty and introduced our valentines post box!
Everyone got a number and we had the whole teaparty time to write kind words for each participant :)
Our special guests, Eva from Lolitabutiken and Petra from Porcelain Doll also attended our event!
Food was served: Sandwiches with cheese, salmon or ham and various sweet pastry filled with nut, apple or chocolate was served.
This was my outfit for that day:

Pearl Alice Bands, Rose Clip: Claire´s // Blouse: H&M // Bolero: Orsay // Skirt: Cloudberry Lady // Bag: Innocent World // Tights: Müller // Shoes: Liz Lisa
As you know me I got a lot of detail shots to show:
Face of the day: Where my waves were still there and have not died of strong wind and rain D:
Simple but glittery white eye make-up :)
I love my mermaid earrings <3

All the lace and ruffles . . and pins x)
I really like this pic, Yaya made a good job ;D
We also organized a Lolita Quiz where each table was an own team and they had to answer several questions. The winner teams got prizes from our guests!Of course there was a contest for the best outfit of the day:
Auris (1st), Saki(2nd), Karin (4th) and Emily (3rd) were the lucky winners :)
This was the content of our small goodie bag that day:

Business cards, a gift card and chocolate! In the left upper corner you can see some of the valentines I got <3 It was really lovely to read those wonderful comments^.^
After our teaparty we had the possibility to see some exhibitions of the museum but we headed to the convention to use our ticket!
There I bought a fancy cardigan from Hellbunny with bats in the front and a huuuge moon with a castle and even more bats in the back :D And I was a bit courageous that day and went for a  more lacy bonnet! I do not wear them often, I got the bat bonnet from Medusa Couture I reviewed in this post but I think it is too special to wear it with too many coords <3 
Last but not least of this post: Lovely Yaya and me!
I was missing her so badly you cannot believe it D: It was so good to see her and chat afterwards <3
It was a great lolita weekend again!