26 Februar 2016

Yuki Matsuri: Goth Queen

Hello lovelies,
last weekend was at the Yuki  Matsuri, a manga and anime convention I mentioned in this previous post. Since there was a Lolita panel  this day and I wanted to support my friends who held the lecture there. Duplica, Pato, Mary and Queran answered questions about Lolita fashion and represented a certain substyle!

Of course I wanted to buy some stuff from the brands which were here for the teaparty on sunday so I also attended on saturday:
Eva and her boyfriend at their booth: Lolitabutiken
Petra at her stall: Porcelaindoll
 This was my outfit for that day:
 Alice band: DIYed // Headpiece: Miss Danger Shop // Necklace: Claire´s // Bolero: Orsay // Feather Bolero: Ravennixe // JSK:Baby the Stars shine bright // Leggings: Killstar // Shoes: Mieir
At first I wanted to wear something with light colours and cats but somehow I spontaneously ended up all black . . at least I had the possibility to wear some of my new stuff I bought in Japan and at the last teaparty^^
Of course I did some detail shots since it is my favourite of all and everything^^"
My eye make-up was not that fancy due to time issues. It is just a longer wing than usual^^
I do not use this necklace too often as I would like to since it always gets stuck in itself with all the chains hanging doen the pentagrams-.-
I bought the bag in Harajuku in August but I totally forgot about it . . I definitely own (way too muuuuuch) bags D: I really like tha lacing :3
Those leggings - just a dream! I wore them quite often recently but I do not regret it! Those shoes are so practical at concerts, the platforms make me so much taller :D
As I mentioned before I am reanimating my lookbook so stop by! Do you have an account there? I would love to see new faces there:)
This is what I bought at the convention:

A headbow, a mossbadger brooch and a cute Centimental Circus pad from Loolitabutiken and buttons from Sweet Ticket.

Next up is the post about the teaparty on sunday in the kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna!
Stay tuned and fancy!