12 Februar 2016

Gargle Fukubukuro 2016

Hello lovelies,
as you  might know from this post I ordered my Listen Flavor Fukubukuro from otakumode.com. While strolling around on their website I found a Fukubukuro from the brand called gargle. You know I am a sucker of jewellery and I really liked what the pic showed so I ordered it too since it was only 15$: *click for pic*
Everything was packed in this cute striped paper bag with the lace on top. I opened it up and this is its content:
All in all there were 3 pair of earrings, a deco charm, a phone charm, 2 rubber bands, a necklace, a bobby pin and 3 hair accessories. It definitely is more worth than 15$ but I am not that glad with its outcome.
These are the earrings. My sister wanted the long turquoise ones and I am not sure what to do with the others. I think all are cute especially the rose blossom ones but I guess I will not use them..
I am also not that sure about the hair accessories: I like the green bow clip but I am not that happy with the rest..
Neons are usually not my colours but I think I can pull off the necklace since it is not that much neon. I like the rubber bands with all the bows on it a lot but I am not sure when I could ue them since there are a lot of colours to see.
I really like the pansy phone charm! I found out it also has a clip and so I attached it to the deco charm you see in the first pic of this post. It is now a decoration of my daily bag I use :)
So all in all out of 12 items I got I will use around 6 items..well it is the half and I can sell or give it away to someone but I will not buy one the next year, that is clear!

Do you had a Fukubukuro not worth buying it at all?

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