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What is Lolita?

Lolita is a street fashion that originated in Japan. It is orientated on childrens and griefing fashion from the Victorian era and the costumes from the rococo and baroque ages. Therefor Lolita is not somehow influenced from Vladimir Nabokov´s book about a girl who is in a relationship with a man.
Lolita fashion tends to have a typical silhouette and some essential pieces:

Typical headwear for Lolitas are broadly speaking bows in all sizes and shapes. Furthermore hats, berets, bonnets and more headpieces can be used.

It is not a must-have but most Lolitas wear a blouse under their Jumperskirt to cover their shoulders. If you do not want to wear blouses a cardigan, a bolero or similar will help you too.
Depending on the substyle you want to go for your blouse can have any colour unless it matches your main piece, the skirt or the jumperskirt.

To achieve the bell-shaped skirt part a petticoat is necessary. There are 2 possible forms of a petticoat: A-line or bell-shape
The A-line petticoat is shaped like an A as the name says:*click**click*
On the contrary is the bell-shaped petticoat: *click* *click*

It depends on the dress and on the substyle you want to go for!
Here you can also check out different styles of dresses: *click*

These kind of cute shorts will be definitely your best friend and you miss them when you do not wear them! Bloomers protect you from wind gusts which tend to lift the skirt too high. They look cute and if your bloomers flash up at least you show the public your ruffly, cute looking butt ;P
It is pretty open to you what to wear at your legs! Tights, Overknee socks or knee socks  are totally alright! For the hot summer days you can also wear cute lacy ankle socks. In the winter  leggings and boots will keep you warm!

In the beginning of the street fashion Mary Janes were popular with Lolita. These are not too high closed shoes with rounded toes. Most of them have one or two straps to close the shoe. Nowadays a variety of shoes are used to coordinate but - to be honest- the one with rounded toes are ways more suitable than pointed shoes.

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