✖ About me

★ (me 2011 - beginning my blog:)) ★

Name: Lisa, my internet synonyme is mostly Punkangel93 or Lolita_goes_bad.
Birthday: 19. August 1993
Eye colour : green - brown
Hair colour: My natural Hair colour is a middle brown something. Now it is dyed red. 
Home@: Vienna
Languages: German, English, Italian
Hobbies: drawing, crafting, blogging, photographing, dancing, swimming
Pets: Cat Lilly and tomcat Smarty
Favourite dishes: vegetarian food, tofu, asian food, italian food, mexican food
Fashion styles I like and wear: Lolita, Otome, Pastel Goth, 

Music I listen to♫♪: The Baseballs, End of Green, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, 2ne1, Billy Talent, Korn, nearly everything except of SchlagerXD

xoxo ♥

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