✖ Austrian Lolita Community

Here in Austria we also got a Lolita community! If you are new to the fashion and you need help just write us or you can also contact me :)
If you also want to get in touch with other Lolitas you should definitely check those sites:
Facebook site: *click*
Facebook group: *click*

Tumblr link for meetup pics and announcements: *click*

Furthermore we got an association called Gothic Lolita Austria. You can become a 'GLAM', a Gothic Lolita Austria Member there. This membership comes with a lot of advantages concerning organized Teapartys and special meetups for only 12€ /year.
For more information click here: *click* (written in german)
If you are not from Austria but you want to support the community you can become a honorary member! For more information write us an email: lolitafashionaustria@gmx.at

Speaking of Tea Parties:
2013 Gothic Lolita Austria organized the first Innocent World Tea Party in Europe.
Here are my photos and blogposts of the teaparty: #1 #2 #3

2015 GLA had their second Tea Party with special guest Metamorphose. Here are my blogposts to this event: #1 #2 #3

2016 in february GLA hosted in collaboration with a local anime convention a Teaparty in the KHMSpecial guests were Lolitabutiken (Sweden) and Porcelain Doll (Czech Republic).
Here is my blogpost about this event: *click*

We also host smaller events like Bring & Buys (#1 #2 #3) and Pop-up Shops (coming soon).

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