04 Mai 2017

†Annoying ghosts†

Hello lovelies,

here is a pretty casual outfit for colder days! It is really comfortable and looks cool at the same time :) I also wore the sweater to school and did not get any funny looks, I am really glad for that:

Beanie, Sweater, Backpack: Killstar // Leggings, Choker: Primark // Shoes: CCC

Yep, I do admit it. I am a full Killstar addict by now. x")
But I am pretty happy I finally found a brand I really love and has a good quality. Yes, it is a bit pricier but it definitely pays off in the durability of their clothes.
This choker is from Primark. I really do not support the brand but I got this one and another choker from my sister as a present and I really like them . . dilemma!
I also bought two of their beanies and this one is my favourite one! I hope to get the attention of other Killstar addicts with it :D
And this is the best backside of the best backpack :D Sadly it is too small for my daily use and of velvet material which is a bit sensitive with dust and dirt. Anyway I love it and the pentacle embellishment a lot :)

Thank you for passing by!



  1. The purses on hanging on the wall look so cool, your outfit too! ♡

  2. It's great to hear that the quality is worth the price!
    I've been looking for reliable stuff in that stylistic direction. *.*
    (I'm so tempted to order from EMP again ... but the winter coat for 100€ wich lived about a month wont be forgotten ...)

    1. I warmly recommend it :D
      EMP was also one of my first brands for that specific style but I think they really got weaker every year..