13 April 2017

Back on track - future changes

Hello lovelies,

I am back again. After those 1 and a alf months without blogging I am here again. Somehow I lost sight of my hobbies beneath blogging, my colleague got ill (again!) and si I was desperatly managing life and work somehow. I also wanted to get fit again and start training in the nearby fitness studio but everything was against my plans. I knew my blog is lonely and without any new posts but I could  not bring myself to write something. I just wanted to relax, watch a movie or some stuff.
I found my love for Lush (my first haul was in October) and its bathbombs which really help me find my me-time throughout these days:
This one ist the 'Intergalactic' bathbomb:
Now I got my easter vacation and I am at my parents. It is enough stress again but I wanted to get started with my blog again. Maybe some of you already know I changed the name of my Instagram account. I am not happy with my blog name anymore . . I want something new and witchy(?). 
I feel Lolita is not my main interest anymore but it was a big part of my blog theme. This does not mean I quit Lolita, I still really like the aesthetics but I am now more into more gothy, grungy and witchy styles and I want my blog to represent those vibes.
So please forgive the long hiatus, it really helped me figuring out what I really want now - 7 years of Lolita goes bad should come to an end soon.
I am not sure if I should make a new blog or if I should turn this one upside down . . what do you think?

And if you have some nice suggestions for a new name of my blog or just buzzwords for it, let me know them in the comments!
I woulf really appreciate it!



  1. Wie cool ich hab seit kurzen auch ne addiction für die Badebomben von lush xD und witchy stuff passt sooooo gut zu dir ich bin schon sehr gespannt was du daraus machst *-* wenn ich dir irgendwie helfen kann gib bescheid :)

  2. I think this water in bath look very funny :D