16 Februar 2016

#365LifestyleLolitaChallenge: Day 17-24

Hello lovelies,

here is my third part of the LifestyleLolitaChallenge!It took me a while to do the next part but here is it! Find all the other parts and more explanations if you are new to my blog here:*click*
So let us go on!
Day #17: Make a travel wishlist.
I want to travel a lot more than I did last year! I want to go to Russia, Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom and some mediterranean country like Hawaii.

Day #18: Learn how to press flowers.
It is not that hard to learn! I did this already when I was little. My mom showed it to us and we used heavy books to press the leaves and flowers. Afterwards we made bookmarks or lovely pictures out of them.

Day #19: Photograph your handwriting.
My hand writing is definitely not the most beautiful but I think it is okay:

Day #20: Look up the performance schedule for your local ballet.
I have to say I like seeing the untypical ballet! For example when the dance is accompanied with modern, not so traditional music :)
Here is a link to the latest ballet performances in Vienna: *click*
Day #21: Doodle your current dream print.
I am really in love with the latest prints of Metamorphose! There is Witch in the Forest and Secret Laboratory.
I would love to get the skirt in grey and the JSK in lilac <3

Day #22: Share a favorite book that other lolitas might like.
I really enjoyed the book Shades of Wonderland I got last christmas. I like the beautiful pictures and brief explanation to the substyles but I think it is only available in german :(

Day #23: Learn about a renegade princess.
I could not pick a certain one so I recommend you this site: *click*
They also got a lot of lovely pictures of the princesses.

Day #24: Wear something with lace.
I was at a concert from a friend and wore some lacy tights with bows. They are so pretty but there is already a little hole in them D: Full outfit post will follow soon:

Thank you for reading!