05 Februar 2016

Recipe: Pizza Muffins♡

Hello lovelies, 

everyone does like muffins and pizza, right? So who would not like pizza muffins? :D I found this lovely recipe somewhere on the internet and tried it out immediately for a party. You know I also like fancy and sour muffins so here is the recipe!
You need:
~ a pizza dough (selfmade or bought)
~ 250 ml tomato sauce
~ 100 g grated mozzarella
~ pizza toppings you like: Salami, ham, champignons, corn, pineapple, ...

The first step is to garnish your pizza evenly how you like it. I used mozzarella, champignons, corn, basil and dried tomatos - this was my vegetarian version :)
Afterwards I rolled the dough and cut it in slices of 3 to 4 centimetres thickness. Altogether there should be 6 to 8 slices.  I also put some cheese and other pizza toppings at the top of the roll. Then I placed them in muffin forms and baked them in the oven at the stated temperature and time.

I garnished it with some basil leaves and a cute little flag so people can distinguish the vegetarian muffins from the ones with ham. Many people asked for the recipe since it is really simple but so delicious! And you can make many variations of it too:)

If you make some of them send me a pic! I want to see your muffins too!
I hope you liked my Pizza muffins recipe!



  1. oh toll, da weis ich ja was ich demnächts mal für meinen Freund ausprobieren muss, der steht nämlich total auf Pizza und Muffins :D