09 Februar 2016

Outfit: Devil Eyes

Hello lovelies, 

I hope you had a wonderful carnival tuesday! Here is a short post about mine:) Some of you may know that I am a teacher and of course we also celebrated this day at school! I think it is fun to dress up and be fancier than usual so I was happy about it^.^
I only got a blurry phone pic of me and my dearest colleague who dressed as mad hatter from Alice in Wonderland:
Horns and trident are really old, cardigan from Glad News, shirt and shoes from H&M and the leggings are from Killstar!
At least I was able to do my make-up that early that fancy since I wanted to do something different than my usual wing^^

What do you think about motive wings like this or that?
I think it is a cool alternative to paint your whole face and just set some certain accents on your face :)
Let me know what you wear for today!


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