24 Februar 2016

☽ Just a casual witch ☾

Hello lovelies,

last weekend was again a kind of Lolita weekend for me like in October when Metamorphose was in Vienna for our teaparty! This year Gothic Lolita Austria had a collaboration with Yuki Matsuri, a new convention in Vienna. We had the possibility to host a teaparty in the kunsthistorisches Museum !
On friday Duplica and me went for dinner with Eva from Lolitabutiken and her boyfriend. I went for a casual look:
Beret: Metamorphose // OP, Bag: Innocent World // Bolero, Shoes, Tights: Offbrand // Necklace: H&M
We ate at the Bermuda Bräu and took a walk to the Stephansdom. We talked a lot about Sweden and Austria in general, I really enjoyed the time with everyone!
Now onto some details of my outfit:
Though I wore my glasses that day but I re-enacted this outfit in front of the camera since I was too tired the other day >.<
I love moon necklaces so much <3
And I love the colour combination of black and grey! I should definitely wear those colours more often!

Here is a new post on lookbook! I will do there a little revival xD So hype my pic, please ;D
Thank you for stopping by!
Be prepared for more outfits and little hauls to come :)



  1. Yay! More lolita happenings in Europe! :D
    I really like your outfit, you look very pretty and loving the tiny dark mori vibes, that the outfit has. ^_^

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. It was just a small event with mostly Austrian Lolitas but it was awesome anyways:)
      Thank you, dear^.^

  2. Very cute outfit <3 Moon neclace is super cute *_*

  3. Looks like austrian community is always moving! Lucky you! :D I loved the pentagram detail on your headdress, very discrete but with lots of style!

    1. We try to have some special events like the teaparty:)
      Thank you!

  4. Grey suits you really well! It's also one of my favourite colours, I like to wear it often in everyday outfits and also incorporate it into some lolita outfits. I'd generally like to see more grey in lolita :D

    1. I think it matches with my red hair and I like the darker colours^^
      Let's do it :D