20 Februar 2016

Youtube: makelovenotscars

Hello lovelies, 

while I was wasting time on Youtube to procrastinate (It is not only me who does it, right??) I came across Reshma and her make-up tutorials and the channel called makelovenotscarsorg. Sadly I do not find the video about Reshma´s story so I tell it shortly.
Reshma was attacked from her brother in law and 2 other men. The men shied acid on her face and body. 
The reason for this act was that Resma´s sister wanted to leave her husband. He knew Reshma was the family's pride and joy and therefor he wanted to hurt the whole family.
Neither Reshma did not get any compensation money nor her attackers got arrested. I really do look up to Reshma and what she stands for. She even takes advantage of what happened to her and uses it to fight against the free sale of acid.
I was pretty shocked when I heard the eyeliner costed 100 Indian rupees (~1,4€) and the acid was about 70 Indian rupees (~0,4€)! I guess we cannot change the minds of those attackers but we have the possibility to cut back the sale of their weapon which is so easy accessible.

I already signed the petition to end the free acid sale! You can find the link if you watch one of these videos above.
Here are some more life stories from women who got attacked with acid: *click*
Thank you for reading!


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