01 Februar 2016

Japan Holiday 2015: Day 10 (Kawaii Monster Café)

Hello lovelies,

on our next day we went shopping and checked out the Kawaii Monster Café! You can see what I bought in my previous post about my Japan trip here: *click* On the pic above you can see Yaya and me with the Monster Girl called Candy we met first!
This was the amazing ceiling of the Mel-Tea Room where we chose to be seated! So awesome! We ordered drinks, main dish and a dessert. Guess what we got first? XD
Ou mint ice-cream arrived first, then our drinks. We were not sure it it is part of the concept in this Café xD Though I liked the taste of everything^^
Here are my fancy Spaghetti: Colorful Rainbow Pasta
They looked so weird because of the colours but they tasted delicious!
Afterwards we had the chance to take a pic with more of the Monster Girls!To make it clear: There are 5 Monster Girls called Candy, Baby, Crazy, Nasty and Dolly. On this day we met (from left to right) Candy, Baby and Crazy :)
The Monster Girls really liked my Mike Necklace I bought in Disneyland! We had fun talking to them in half english and pantomime xD

On this day we decided this Café should be our last stop on Saturday since we left on Sunday!



  1. this place looks amazing! *_*
    How lucky you are to have spent time there <3

    1. Oh yes! I went there twice and hope to be there this year too <3

  2. omg ich muss dahin :((
    Kenne deinen Blog übrigens seit 2013, hab jetzt einen neuen Blog, würde mich sehr freuen wenn du mal reinsiehst http://luna-dlight.blogspot.de/