27 Januar 2016

Instagram: November & December

Hello lovelies,

here is a short post about my Instagram  posts from November and December! November was really busy for me, time really flew by so fast. I had a lot of work to do and it was the pre-christmas time where I got most of the christmas presents for my family and friends.
As you see on the pic above the weather was bad, just foggy, rainy and cold and that is definitely not my season! But I took the pic because I liked the effect of the fog^^
I tried out some new japanese candy calles Rose gummy candy! I love the rose taste so much, they were delicious and looked so cute I had to take a pic of them <3
My bf and I once took a walk in the gardens of the Schönnbrunn Palace. Afterwards we tried to warm up at the christmas market there and while walking home the sun set and coloured the clouds beautifully!
Here you can see my cat under the tree checking out all the presents and Christmas tree decorations. You already can see in his eyes what happened after I took this pic - he jumped onto a ball ornament and it landed in pieces on the floor . . otherwise everything else went smooth so it was the only incident that day and I had wonderful holidays at my parents'!
And  the last but not least pic of 2015 was this one with the #bestnine2015 around New Year. I really like it because it is so versatile and it is everything I like and love :)

How were your last 2 months of the old year? The new one is not even a month old and I already took 3 pics for Instagram. I guess that is less for some people but many pics for me since I am always hestitating to post pics because I am not 100% satisfied with them D:
How do you decide what do you want the world to see? Let me know how you do it!


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