04 Januar 2016

Japan Holiday 2015: Day 9 (Ghibli Museum, Falcon Café)

Hello lovelies, 

I guess I should end my Japan Holiday posts of 2015 before I get to my next Japan trip :P Approximately 5 posts are left to write so let us get started:) This day was quite frustrating for me and Yaya. It took us to the Ghibli Museum a felt eternity and then we could not enter because we had to reserve tickets-.- Well, we could have looked it up before we went there but we did not expect to reserve tickets in a museum . .
At least I saw this beautiful butterfly there and was able to take a pic of it ^^
And we saw Totoro but he did not let us in either D: Because we got hungry we strolled around a bit to check out the neighbourhood and there we found a Falcon Café!
The Café was run by a single man who was falconer, cook, waiter and cashier at the same time. He did not have that much stress since there were not that many people in the Café. 
Falcons are really majestic animals! 
Its eyes and the curved beak look dangerous even though it is just sitting around and enjoying the fresh air.
I saw some pics on the internet holding and petting them but we were not allowed to . . maybe we had to ask?
This one was even cuter and also seemed to be younger. The falcon was also more curious and interested in the tiniest movement it could see. 
Afterwards we went to see the owl Café but they were too crowded and did not let us in D: But it is definitely a reason to go to Japan again :D


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