17 Januar 2016

#365LifestyleLolitaChallenge: Day 9-16

Hello lovelies, 

here is the next part of the #365lifestylelolitachallenge! You can find the first part and more explanation to this challenge here: *click*
Let us start!

 Day #9: Design a coordinate based on a fairytale.
At first I thought 'The hunchback of Notre Dame' is a fairytale but I was illuminated after I made the collage. Anyways I present you my Gargoyle Lady though it is not a fairytale figure:

Day #10: Transport to the storefronts of lolita stores you would like to visit in person.
Well, I already were in La Foret and the Marui One in Tokyo but I want to be there again soon :D So many awesome shops in one place!

 Day #11: Learn how lace is made.
When I was a kind my mom chrocheted some herself. Meanwhile she does less but recently she made flowers and strawberries for me :) I am not that talented when it comes to chrocheting and yes I tried it D:

 Day #12: Eat your meals on the nicest dishes you own.
I have to excuse my lack of fancy dishes. . mine are just plain white. Do my new Sushi dishes count?
They are white too but are in rectangle shape!

 Day #13: Read an essay by Novala Takemoto.
I read 'A letter to young ladies' because I liked the title of it the most. His opinion about letters is similar to mine! He thinks a person who sends letters dedicates more time and thoughts into it than a person who writes emails or phones people. I do not write letters but I choose birthday cards to match the person and write in there special words!

 Day #14; Determine 5 words that describe your lolita style.
How would I describe my style?
Dark, classic, experimental, themed, detailed

 Day #15: Spray your linens with a fresh fragrance before you sleep.
I have to say I  like it when I put fresh linen on my bed and the room is well-aired but I would not spray anything on them!

Day #16; Plan a special meal.
My bf and I have our own 'challenge': Each weekend we want to cook a special dish we would not do at weekdays! I like to try new recipes (somehow also a part of my New Year´s Resolutions!) and it is fun to cook and bake together :)
Top: glass noodles salad with vegetables and shrimps; salmon, avocado and cucumber maki
Bottom: oat flakes and cocos cookies, sweet potato fries (with sausages)

Thank you for reading!



  1. You've created an amazing coordinate for 1) one of my favourite stories and 2) my absolute dream dress! Love it! xx

    1. Awww thank you!
      I got this dress too! It was my first item I ordered direct from a brand :D

  2. Sushi ....I want some right now ;_;