09 Januar 2016

#365LifestyleLolitaChallenge: Day 1-8

Hello lovelies,

am I a Lifestyle Lolita? I have to say in the beginning when I started wearing it I thought I would be. But the more I used time for dressing up and thinking of coordinates I lost interest in it. When I was in Japan I got a lot of new brands I absolutely adore and I found J-Fashion styles beneath Lolita I really like to wear. So I guess many of you already know about the 365 Lifestyle Lolita Challenge from Lace a la Mode
I want the LLC for short to be my daily rewarding thought of Lolita fashion - a fashion style and all the friends I found with it I never want to miss!
Let us start!
Day #1: Set a goal for your wardrobe.
*I want to get more blue and green JSK's and skirts.
*I want to sell the stuff I do not like or which does not fit me immediately after trying on - it takes me months to put them online D:
Day #2: Look up a list of museums in your area.
I know there are a lot of museums in Vienna and I often visit some of them but I did not know until now which museums  there are in the 12th district where I live:
There is a magic set museum, a schnapps museum and many more of course.   I definitely want to go to the magic set museum this year!
Day #3: Memorize a friend's wishlist.
This reminds me of refreshing my own wishlist xD I have to say I got some friends I send links and pics to and they send me their suggestions so I know their style but not their actual wish items.

Day #4: Learn a new easy hairstyle.
I mainly wear my hair open. Only when I am at home doing chores or working out I put them in a ponytail. Now I try to style my own hair with lolita, so I have to learn some other styles I like on me. This tutorial really grew on me since I could imagine wearing a bow or a beret to it:
I really like her ideas a lot but I would skip the braid in this hairstyle.
Day #5: Discover a new book to read.
Well, the latest book I bought is this one: *click* I am planning to lose weight trough this diet! I am reading it now and it is not bad;)
Day #6: Change your alarm to something pleasant.
I am switching my alarm sounds from Babymetal to Die Orsons and 7th element (the refrain is so funny xD).
Day #7: Photograph little details from your favourite dress.
I have to say I do not have a certain favorite dress but I show my newest one: Dark Night Guardian JSK from Metamorphose in Green
I already wore it to the Metamorphose Teaparty here: *click*

I got the green version but it looks really grey in these pics o.O
Day #8: Share your favorite local lolita haunts.
One of my favorite places where the Austrian community already had a meet-up is a Café called 'Little Britain'! We were there in April and had a private teaparty and the atmosphere was amazing! Here is my post about it: *click* I definitely want to go this year too!

I hope you like the LLC as I do! What do you think about it?
Be prepared for the next post of the challenge!



  1. Die Lolita Challenge finde ich total toll! Ich selber traue mich allerdings ehrlich gesagt nicht an diese Challenge ran (auch wenn ich nun schon über 3 Jahre lang Lolita Sache trage). Das kommt bei mir wahrscheinlich daher das ich kaum jemanden in meinem Alter kenne, der selbst Lolita mag/trägt und daher, das ich selbst nur 2 Brand-Teile besitze. Der Rest von meinen Kleidern, Röcken, JKS und Blusen ist alles selbst genäht, worauf ich zwar stolz bin, aber ich darum nur selten tolle Prints und sowas vor zu zeige habe...

    Wie auch immer, ich bin gespannt wie es weiter geht bei dir ^^

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Die Challenge ist ja für dich selbst und nicht für andere! Außerdem könnte es dich ja dann dazu anregen öfter Lolita zu tragen und vielleicht findest du ja auch eine Community in deiner Nähe :)

    2. Ich find's direkt interessanter, selbstgenähnte Sachen zu sehen, die Brands kennen die meisten eh schon auswenidig. XD ;)
      Lass dich bloß nicht entmutigen! :3

    3. aww :3 das ist echt lieb von euch! Okay, ich glaube dann versuche ich mich doch auch mal an der Challenge ^^