15 März 2016

Outfit: Velveteen for Valentine ♡

Hello lovelies, 
yep, I am a month too late posting this. But I had a wonderful Valentines Day with my boyfriend in Vienna. We went to a restaurant called Akakiko because I got some vouchers for christmas. I had my usual salmon Teriyaki! I love Teriyaki so much I could bath in it :D
We had there a wonderful view over Vienna too and I really enjoyed it there:

Afterwards we watched the new Deadpool movie! I really liked all the jokes and the funny dialogues but you definitely have to watch it twice to get all the punch lines!
 Velvet Sweater, Leggings, Necklace: Killstar // Shoes: Deichmann // Other Necklace: Six
I chose something comfortable yet elegant but also in my style to wear for that day. Leggings and a velvet top are the best possibility to stay warm and cozy :3
So i also opted for a minimal wing of eyeliner and pretty plain make-up. My boyfriend also likes it when I am wearing more natural make-up^^ 
I also wore this necklace my boyfriend gifted to me for christmas:) It is so small and simple, I really like it!
This necklace is in a love-hate-relationship with me! I love the details and everything and is is variable since I can also wear thenecklace without the crystal but I hate the pendant is that heavy o.O
Some little too late love for you too! <3
And also some love for Killstar! The leggings are one of my favourite out of my closet <3
I hope you had a wonderful day as I had! Valentines Day is not that special to us since we also watch movies in the cinema together on 'usual' days ;D We also do not buy presents or similar since spending time together is the greatest gift for us <3 There speaks my tortured self hating long-distance relationships I definitely had enough xD
Thank you for stopping by!