24 März 2016

#365LifestyeLolitaChallenge: Day 33-40

Hello lovelies, 

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Let us go!
Day #33: Go back in time to the first iterations of lolita webstores.
I chose Innocent World because I like to stop by on this site and see their new designs. I like the mature and elegant style a lot even though I do not wear Classic Lolita that often. The first website I found was from 2006. 
As you can see the design was way more sweeter than now! All the flowers and the pink writing says it all! There was a lot of space on the site left and there are few pictures. I love how 'oldschool' the fashion was back then!

Day #34: Watch a homemade lolita video.
I like to watch Deerstalker Pictures, Cathy Cat, Lovely Lor and Hello Batty. Of course there are more I watch and enjoy but I guess these are the most popular Lolita Youtubers i know!

Day #35: Photograph your oldest lolita piece.
My first Lolita skirt is from Putumayo:
It is the Cat Window Border in black and white!

Day #36: Re-read a favourite childhood story.
As a kid I loved interactive books where you can find hidden things, feel certain fabrics and stuff. So I was a big fan of the book The very hungry caterpillar! As a kid the story was so full of unexpected turns and the happy end was so awesome xD

Day #37: Doodle a lolita friend.
It is a pretty old pic I drew and coloured in 2009, 2 years before I started wearing it myself:
I imagined a friend of mine in Lolita but drew it simpler as a chibi^^ She had gorgeous long hair and I thought she would put them in ponytails and curl them.

Day #38: Share the love with a few heartfelt lolita valentines.
I have to say I know a lot of my friends do not watch the website regularly so I tend to make valentines after bigger events!

Day #39: Browse through dresses that were released when you started lolita.
I started my Lolita journey in 2011! Here are 3 items I really adored and still want to buy :D
Angelic Pretty: Clever Tartan Skirt with attached Collar
I love tartan but I have not found the right Tartan skirt or JSK for me . .but I am still searching^^
Innocent World: Rose Stained Glass JSK
This dress is so wonderful I cannot even! I love it in blue and red but I did not have the chance yet to buy it. .
Bodyline: Stripe Triple Ribbon JSK
This JSK was one of my first Lolita items ever and it is also still in my closet! I think it is pretty usable since it is versatile and I like stripes a lot^^
Day #40: Wear a fragrance.
I often wear parfumes since I like the smell in my hair. I like Katy Perry's Killer Queen and Royal Revolution and parfumes from Dita von Teese like this one.

Thank you for reading!