05 März 2016

#365LifestyleLolitaChallenge: Day 25-32

Hello lovelies,

I am back with a new part of the #365lifestylelolitachallenge!
You can find all the parts right here: *click*
Enjoy and have fun!

Day #25: Spare some time for an indulgent wash.
Well, I will not show a pic of me taking a bath or a shower xD But I have to say I am definitely a shower person even though I like baths too. Showers are much quicker and as relaxing for me as a bath^^ I show you my recent addition of shower gels I got as a present:

Day #26: Photograph your newest lolita purchase.
I was lucky to sell a lot of my stuff and accidentally found this dress I saw on a girl from my comm! It is from Krad Lanrete, the Le Portrait de Marie JSK in lilac:
I love the print, the lace, all the details! The seller sends me also a necklace she bought to wear it with. I am already thinking about a headpiece I could craft - a hat, feathers, white or black? So many ideas!
Day #27: Look up the performance schedule for your local orchestra.
I am not a big fan of orchestra music and when I am listening to it it is part of a movie. But I guess the Vienna Hofburg Orchestra is one of the most famous of Vienna: *click*

Day #28: Learn how to prepare a new entrée.
As I mentioned in this previous post on Day #16 I cook a lot of new dishes with my bf but I often forget to take pictures D:

Day #29: Write a letter to yourself 5 years from now.
I already did this in school and it was exciting to read about the important things and people back then and I could see how I changed. So I did it again but I did not take a pic of it!

Day #30: Tidy your closet.
I already did it some days ago and I am selling some stuff on fb:*click* 
If you are interested in something leave me a comment :)

Day #31: Browse through the latest wardrobe posts on egl.
I always plan to do a wardrobe post myself but I am just too lazy to take that many pics since it would took ages because I am a perfectionist when it comes to pics. I really enjoy seeing Loresanspenates  post since she presented amazing outfit ideas! And my inner goth deeply fell in love with Obsixwi's wardrobe <3

Day #32: Write about your perfect Valentines Day lolita meet.
A nice Afternoon Tea with secret Valentines would be so lovely! Also a meet-up with all boyfriends and girlfriends would be fun. Of course the single Lolitas and Oujis are allowed to come too:)

Thank you for reading!


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