27 März 2016

Happy Easter!

Hello lovelies,

I spent my easter holidays at my parents to see them again after a month. 
I also missed cuddling with my cats and to meet my dear friends in Upper Austria! Since I am living in Vienna it is always a back and forth where I am on which weekend and holidays D:
My mum always dyes our easter eggs herself! She cooks the onion skin of red onions and puts the eggs into that water.
To make those beautiful prints onto the egg I tied different leaves or flowers with a piece of tights we do not need anymore to the eggs.
I think it is really astonishing the onion skin gives so much colour to the eggshells! I am really glad the plants stuck that good to the egg and I like the dark red colour!

Do you have any 'traditions' how you dye your eggs for Easter?
I wish you a happy Easter weekend!



  1. Such a beautiful idea! I love the outcome! <3

    We used to color eggs in the traditional way with felt pens. XD
    But since easter means such a lot of work for me, I'm not that motivated anymore. ^.^''

    But yours look really awesome.

    1. Thank you!
      Really? I did not know about this . . technique xD

  2. Happy Easter!


  3. The eggs looks so cool! I just usually eat lots of chocolate for Easter haha! Hope you had a lovely Ester :)
    Thanks for your comment!!