29 März 2016

Outfit: Cool 'n' cosy

Hello lovelies,
I am back with a quick weekly outfit I wore in my holidays! You know those days you do not want to put that much effort into your outfit but look as fly as some other girls you know from the internet? Well, I think I did not reach that at all but at least I felt comfortable and still 'kakkoii' (written on my sweater, can be translated to cool, good-looking) which is a wonderful combination I really like^^
Now onto the whole outfit:
Beret, Shirt: ??? // Choker, Sweater: H&M // Jeans: Present // Shoes: Deichmann
I am pretty in love with my new tote bag I bought at a local art market, the artist is Axel Schindler and here is his fb page: *click*
I would love to get some of the other motives too :D
Bag: Axel Schindler // Eye Button: Killstar // Dolly Button: Swimmer // Bear Button: Sweet Ticket
I kept my make-up pretty simple, just a little wing to extend the lash line - nothing more.
I really like this choker! It does not have a motive like all my others do, so it is a bit of a change for me. Positive of course! Pentagram, a moon or a hamsa hand do not always suit the outfits I wear^^

Thank you for stopping by!
I hope it was not too plain to post ^^'