03 April 2016

Instagram: January & February

Hello lovelies,

here is my recap of the last 2 months on Instagram! January and February of the new year were quite quiet but full of work for me. But I dedicated some time to try out some homemade Sushi! Me and my bf had fun rolling the Makis and eating them afterwards :)
I was invited to a birthday party with the theme 'movies and series'. My bf joined me and we both went as death eater! Here is a post about this evening: *click*
This was the content of my first Listen Favor Fukubukuro! I am really happy with the items I got! If you want to know more details click here: *click*
Some friends and me are planning to travel to Japan this year again. But we want to go in winter since it was unbearably hot in August there! The Kawaii Monster Café was so awesome I had to post this wonderful memory! For more information: *click*
I missed my cat really bad! Only one week left and I can see her since I am spend my easter holiday at my parents' :) So happy!
My bf and me had a cinema date on valentines day. We went out for dinner and watched Deadpool afterwards! I liked the movie, the jokes and dialogues were really funny even though it is a tragic story behind it.
Then I received my second Fukubukuro from Listen Flavor which I primarily got for the bag but of course many awesome items included too^^ I love all the motives of the fabric and the colour combinations <3

So many japanese associations in these last 2 months :D I am so much looking forward to planning my net Japan trip you cannot believe it xD This and seeing my family and my cats are 2 points I am happy to see soon :)


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