11 April 2016

Outfit: Devil Cheer Girl

Hello lovelies,

I finally had the chance to wear the Devil Cheer Girl Hoodie from my first Listen Flavor Fukubukuro and I really enjoyed it :D I paired it with some Galaxy Leggings, Platform boots and went for pigtails hairstyle wise and nearly felt like a Cheerleader ;D
Hair Pompoms, Shorts: H&M // Hoodie: Listen Flavor // Leggings: Pimkie // Shoes, Legwarmers: no name
It was so cosy and comfortable I really enjoyed wearing it to a nice evening with friends! As every hoodie it has a hood and it is soo big and nice and it also got pockets :D
I accessorized the look with a bracelet from Listen Flavor I got as a present when I was at the shop in Harajuku, Japan! I love the melty rim and the pixelated motives.
When I wear my hair in plaits my black hair gets to see the world too xD I do not do it that often and I like it more when I look at the picture :o And I like the hair Pompoms, they are sooo fluffy <3
I did not wear that much make-up and kept it simple with a little wing. Here you can see the hair pompoms better!
And last but not least: Look at my fancy platforms! I am happy I bought these via a french website with a name I do not remember anymore. I am really glad my friends tolerate my way of dressing. Well, they would not be my friends if they would not xD
Let me know if you like the look or not!
Thank you for stopping by!