30 April 2016

Lena Hoschek Stock Sale 2016

Hello lovelies,

two weeks ago I spent the weekend in Munich, Germany. There I got ill and was not able to work for a week. Pics wil follow soon! Afterwards on saturday I had my strength back to go to the Lena Hoschek Stock Sale! I was lucky to be there in time and I was part of the first people checking out the sale! Of course I found there something for me:
~ Material Girl Blouse in Black
~ Lomé Top in Black
~ Smitten Kitten Shades
The sun glasses were something I saw first! There were  few I really liked but I chose one:
I also like the spectacle case it came with even though it is rosé :P
I always wanted a cat eye shapes sunny and I adore the stars a lot ^.^
I really love the lacy strands dangling down but sadly it is too small for me D: I did not want to stay there to try it on since the queue was eternal long so I took it with me xD
So if you are interested in it (Size M) message me for the price!

I also was there last year but I did not make a special post about it: *click*
I am happy about my new blouse and the sun glasses!

Did you go there too?
What do you think about Lea Hoschek?
I think she really does some lolitaable clothes!


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