06 Mai 2016

Roadtrip to Munich #1: Meinhard

Hello lovelies,

finally I have some time to write my post(s) about Munich! Above you can see our little road trip group: me, Yaya, Reiner, Karin, Jassi and Dani
We started our journey on the 15th of April in a car to see Meinhard, a musician from Germany. The weather was not that great but at least we did not have troubles crossing the border. Most of these pics are phone pics so please excuse the bad quality of some:
This was the sun but it looks like the moon xD
We really were in a hurry but arrived a bit  too late for the concert and we missed the first song but we made it!!
The light works were amazing! I also liked the light strings left and right from Meinhard, they really made wonderful effects!
I was also really in love with Meinhards outfit: it is a mixture of an elegant and destroyed look that makes it kind of punky but still dressy looking <3
Also the ceiling had some awesome light effects . . . it looks so spacy! After the concert we chatted with several people and got something to eat with the band :D
I also bought some merch to support the upcoming band:
I got a shirt, the new CD´s Alchemusic I and II, a sticker of the logo I absolutely love and I got the tote bag for free with it!
Here you can see the whole print of the shirt! First I wanted different one but it was sold out in my site. Sadly I cannot find it online, there was a bunny on it which got lost in a maze. So I went for this one :)
At 3 am we finally got to our hostel and fell asleep pretty soon. On the next day was the fan meet we attended but you will read from it in the next post!

I really enjoyed the concert and I am happy Meinhard asked us to help him with his next video clip to Alchemystery. It is a collaboration with the Wasteland Warriors since it is about the 'Wasteland Wonderland'! Here you can support the crowdfunding event: *click*
I already started to prepare my outfit for it, pics will follow soon :)


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