11 Mai 2016

Roadtrip to Munich #2: Fan Meet with Meinhard, Munich & Musical

Hello lovelies,

we got up early to be in time at the Café Mozart where we had a delicious and luxurious breakfast! Sadly I was getting sicker and sicker and did not feel well that day at all D: I had a lot of tea to my Mediterranean breakfast to ease my sore throat:
We also tried some German cakes but I forgot their names . .but they were also tasty! Later Meinhard got a beautiful cake from a girl too! Eyeryone got a slice of it but we shared one like we did it with the others^^ Here you can see a pic of the cake: *click*
This was the group picture of that event . .can you find me?? xDD 
Afterwards we went to see Munich  and found some nice shops from Alfons Schuhbeck, a pretty famous German cook. 
There was a tea shop and a spice shop where I also bought some stuff:
~ Black tea with vanilla flavour
~ Asian wok spice
~ Ras el Hanout
~ Japanese Seasoning Salt
After shopping we went back to our hostel to rest a bit and get ready for our musical night. We saw Jesus Christ Superstar in the 'Deutsches Theater':
The building itself looked amazing inside! I never saw a theatre like that :o The musical was funny, amazing and exciting to watch! Afterwards we spent our night at a gothy club called Nerodom. I did not take there any pics but I wish there would be a club like that in Vienna!! If you are in Munich, like to dance and love rock and metal you should not miss this club! 
On the next day we were really tired but we had a typical Bavarian breakfast: Bavarian veal sausages, a big pretzel and mustard
The pretzel was way too much so I took half of it with me on our journey back home.
It was a weekend with little sleep and a sore throat but it was totally worth it :'D

Thank you for reading!