14 Mai 2016

#365LifestyeLolitaChallenge: Day 41-48

Hello lovelies, 

I am already guessing I will not make all the days in time since I am nearly a month too late . .but I will do my best :)
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So, let us move on:
Day #41: Learn a new word.
I went on dictionary.com to check out the word of the day and it is:
fortwith: immediately; at once: without delay: Any official accused of dishonesty should be suspended fortwith.
Day #42: Wear something by your favourite brand.
Today I wear a Killstar shirt, it is definitely on of my favourite brand.  I know it is not Lolita but I am writing it anyway :P

Day #43: Doodle and label the top 5 destinations you'd like to visit.
I do not have a order, I just like to see all those places ^^ I start in the left upper corner:
~ Bahamas: I never was on a Carribean island, so I am looking forward to travel there!
~ Prague, Czech Republic: It is a neighbour country from Austria so I would not have to travel that far. A lot of friends told me to see this beautiful city.
~ London, United Kingdom: I know it is expensive and rainy but one day I want to be there too!
~ Australia: The country in general is a place I always wanted to visit! M boyfriend and I want to travel there together.
~ Japan: Yep, still I want to visit it xD Well, this year in December I will be there again and I am sooo much looking forward to it!!

Day #44: Check your local library's calendar of events.
I will not do this one since I am not a big fan of lectures in general and lectures about books. I am more of an internet searcher ;)

Day #45: Share a lolita love story.
First I was enchanted of the fashion itself but now after years of wearing it I am so happy and thankful about those close friends who share the passion with me! Thank you girls for being here <3

Day #46: Learn a parlor game.
I really like the game 'Werewolf', we used to play it on our scout trips! Here I found a description of the game: *click*
Day #47: Browse through antiques.
I like to go to fleamarkets a lot but lately I did not find time to do so. Well I was not able to fulfill this point but I will catch up on it.

Day #48: Compliment a coordinate post without many comments.
I rarely comment onto pics in the Facebook group Closet of Frills: Daily Lolita Coords, I leave them mostly a like. Also on Instagram I just heart the pics^^

Thank you for reading!



  1. Ich habs auch schon so halb aufgegeben mit der challenge... mal sehen ob ich das noch nachhole irgendwann... mhm XD

    1. Jaaa, mal sehen wie es wird ^^

    2. Falls es ein Antrieb ist: Ich finde es immer wieder schön deine Beiträge dazu zu lesen ;)

    3. Aww vielen Dank!
      Ich hoffe, du haltest auch durch :D

  2. Prague is definitely worth visiting. I've only been once, but I loved it, I need to go back to explore it properly (it was a school trip and we only had one day there, so it wasn't enough time to do it well). As for London, be prepared that it sucks money out of your wallet like crazy, or that's what it's done to me every time I've been. But I can still recommend it, tonnes of things to keep you busy with. And a friendly Lolita comm, as far as I know. :D


    1. This just ecourages me to go there soon! Thank you, girl!