17 Mai 2016

Lolita Bring & Buy 042016

Hello lovelies, 

I am pretty late with this post since it was already in the end of April and it is already mid May D: But I want to post about it anyway:P So Gothic Lolia Austria, a organization I am part of, organized with a local Gothic fleamarket a Bring & Buy for Lolitas. We already did these 3 times (?) so we knew how to do it :)
This was our team this day: me, Dani, Mary and Lea
More details to my outfit will follow in the next post!
Now onto the Bring & Bu itself:
We had loads of shoes and bags! Some of them are also from me ^^
There were 6 clothing racks and we had all the space down there! So much place for our stuff!
Beautiful and fancy accessories were displayed here! I was really brave and did not buy a lot:
~ Ghost of Harlem cardigan
~ Strawberry beanie
~ Bodyline skirt
Everything for 20€ and I also earned some money from my sales:D
I am a fan of Ghost of Harlem so I am happy to find it that cheap!
Furthermore I always wanted a strawberry beanie. I imagine it so fancy with the red cap and my red hair :D
The skirt is not really my style since there is a pink gingham fabric at the bottom of it but I need it for a project :)

What do you think about Bring& Buy events?
Thank you for reading!



  1. I love bring and buy events! :D
    You never know what awesome things you'll find and usually even quite cheap. Lolitas have the opportunity to sell stuff to the right people. Internet selling groups and such are so difficult..

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Yep, I am really happy about it!
      Another advantage is you see what you buy. The people on the internet are not always nice!

  2. OMG! Ich bin neidisch! Ich hoffe wir kriegen so etwas in Deutschland auch noch einmal hin ^^

    1. Na sicher! Es braucht nur motivierte Leute und eine Location :D

  3. I've never been to any Bring & Buy events, Lolita or otherwise, but I'd definitely love to. Great way to save on shipping costs. :P But in all seriousness, it's a fun and social way of refreshing your wardrobe, get rid of the pieces you don't wear and instead get something which someone else has stopped wearing. I'd probably go a bit too mad for my own good, but surely that's the point. :P


    1. Definitely a good possibility to save on those, clean up your closet, get some new stuff and earn some money by selling stuff :D ( IF you buy less than you earn of course xD)
      It is really a great event for everyone, also 'normal' people did enjoy it!

  4. Wish my hometown comm was bigger for events like this! ;_;
    Looks super cool!

    1. Yeah, it is important to do so and it is even better if it is easy reachable.
      Thank you for your nice comment!!