27 Mai 2016

CD Japan Haul (Listen Flavor & Q-Pot.)

Hello lovelies,
again I ordered from CD Japan, a japanese website where you find books, CD's, toys, games and also clothing! I already wrote a review about it and ordered there twice, so check out these posts if you want to know more: *Review* *second order*
It was the first time ordering clothing from CD Japan but there was not any difference than ordering Mooks which I ordered ther before!
Now onto the things I got for me:
Collage Punk Bear Beret in black
Hexagram Can Badge in black
Smily Lame Can Badge in Soda Blue and Purple
I craved for a long time for that beret because I think the bear is really funny xD In January I showed it my boyfriend but he was not really satisfied with its look. So I decided not to order it but then the new line from Listen Flavor arrived and I had to get it too :D
You know I am a big fan of buttons and I like those faces and the melty pentagram :)

I like Q-Pot. a lot even though it is expensive . .but the designs are so unique and I love to just look at them <3 Maybe some of you remember my visit at the Q-Pot. Cafe last year in Japan? The whole Cafe was so awesome and so was the food too!
Japan is well-known for their 'engrish' . . I am not sure if the writing says 'high moon' or 'nigh moon' but both would mean something^^ It is so cute it is a cat bat and the sailor collar also got some stitched bats on it <3

I am really happy about those purchases though the onepiece is quite short on me . . it is more like a long top so I will wear it with leggings or shorts.
Listen Flavor already launched some new stuff I would love to have D: I am pretty tempted to preorder them:
1. I love everything with ghosts on it, it is proper english and the ghost is cute!
2. Strawberries are one of my favourite fruits, I like the combination with the skull and the writing.
3. It is a bit cuter than usual for me but I like the font and the starry heart <3
4. Again a 'dress' too short on me I guess but the print is everything for me!!

Soooo what do you think about these options?
Which one do you like the most?
Let me know it!^.^



  1. This is a really cute haul. Thanks for introducing us to the website! I'm a big fan of Q-Pot too. And I love that everything you bought kind of matches colour-wise: blacks, whites, lilacs and turquoise :)


    1. Thank you! These are all my favourite colours I like to wear mixed :D