01 Juni 2016

On Beyond Infinity concerts ~♪

Hello lovelies,

recently Beyond Infinity, the band of my sisters boyfriend, had some concerts. One took place in February and one in May. Here is what I wore to the first concert, I forgot to take pics of my outfit from the recent concert but I wore a black skirt and overknees to the band shirt^^

Necklace: H&M (old) // Bandshirt: Beyond Infinity // Shorts, Tights, Overknees: ?? // Shoes: Ebay
I kept my make-up pretty simple and wore my regular winged eye look and some glitter under the eye - nothing really special!
The outfit itself is rather boring but the small details make it interesting^^ For example the top of these tights cutifies the look a bit, I really like them ;3 Whereas my necklace is on the spikier, edgier side I like the mixture of styles a lot:)
Here are some pics from the first concert I was at: *click*
And one of my favourite songs from Beyond Infinity too: *click to Youtube*
Well thank you for passing by and looking at my rather lame outfit but I promise better ones are coming ;)


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