28 Juni 2016

3 Looks, 1 Necklace #1

Hello lovelies, 
as stated in my previous post I show you 3 looks how I would wear the necklace from Vanillas Traumfabrik with! If you missed the review about this lovely necklace, check it out here: *click*
Above you can see a little preview of all outfits I put together. I also tried to create them with different inspiration in mind. So today  I start with the left one:

Hair Bows, Shirt: Bubbles Tokyo // Necklace: Vanillas Traumfabrik // Skirt: secondhand // Sunnies: Ebay // Shoes: Liz Lisa
I took my inspiration for this outfit from J-Fashion in general and a bit of Larme Kei! For more explanation to Larme Kei click here, for more pics to this style click here!
Here is the necklace again! Through the lavender shirt it pops even more.
By the way this are my new glasses! My eyes got a bit worse so I had to get new glasses and I had the same frame for 2 years or so. So it as time for a change, do you like them? :)
I also got some new sunnies from ebay! I saw them somewhere on a blog and did not know how to search for them but I found them on ebay with the keywords 'lace', s'unglasses' and 'round' and they are really cheap!
Those shoes, I love them! I should definitely wear them more often but I do not want to wear them to my everyday wear so they could get dirty and the colour is not that easy to combine ( except with lavender and black).
What do you think about this outfit?
I think it is nearly too cute for me XD Maybe I am not used to it too^^

As always praise and (reasonable) critics are welcome!
Thank you for stopping by!