04 Juli 2016

3 Looks, 1 Necklace #2

Hello lovelies,

and now onto the second outfit with the necklace from Vanillas Traumfabrik! In case you missed it: Here is the review and here is the first outfit with the necklace!
What is the best way to use a necklace saying 'Lolita' in beautiful elegant letters? Right, in a Lolita outfit!

Headbow: Alice and the Pirates // Blouse: Lena Hoschek // JSK: Baby the Stars shine bright // Book Bag: Aldo // Bunny Brooch: Miss Danger Shop // Leggings: Ann Christine // Shoes: Secondhand
Here I opted for a black and gold look since these are also the colour of the necklace and I always wanted to coordinate black and gold together! The necklace is not that obvious on the black blouse but through the see-through fabric the golden details come to the fore.
I am not that satisfied with my headwear because I wanted it to be more pompous and with more golden accents but I was not that happy about the other head pieces I tried on. . .
This brooch was love at first sight at the Metamorphose Teaparty ! I am so happy I bought it <3
Finally I had the chance to wear this lovely bag out! I ordered it with help from the Canadian Lolita community since Aldo Austria did not have those items I wanted D:
What do you think about this outfit?
I think it is not quite complete, some headwear is missing in my opinion.

As always praise and (reasonable) critics are welcome!
Thank you for stopping by!



  1. Very elegant. I really like the golden details!

  2. Looks great, although I agree with you that a bigger headdress (or maybe just another one layered with this one) would be even better. But the whole subtle circus-y/carnival-y look you have going on there with that brooch and the gold is very much up my street. :)


    1. Thank you for your honest answer :)
      Someday I wear it again and will think of it!

  3. I like Your outfit a lot! Very classy <3
    Lovely brooch too *_*