09 Juli 2016

3 looks, 1 necklace #3

Hello lovelies,
here is the third and last outfit of my first '3 Looks, 1 ...." - seriesIn case you missed the other parts: Here is the reviewhere is the first outfit and here the second one with the necklace!
The last outfit pretty much matches my emotional and working state: holidays and summer fun!
So, here it is:

Hat: Oberwalder // Sunnies: Lena Hoschek // Necklace: Vanillas Traumfabrik // Crop Top: H&M // Skirt: Primark // Shoes: ???
This time I did not wear something underneath the necklace. Nevertheless my fair skin supports the black enough ^^
I really like this pic of me so much I am thinking of taking it as my profile pic on fb xD I kept my make-up pretty classy and I think red lipstick is not that bad with red hair :)
Here you can see the lovely bow of my straw hat and the cute heart charm at the closurer from the necklace! Additionally my red and white skin thanks to a sunburn is visible xD
My first duck face I ever made is now in the internet, yay xD But I did not exaggerate so it is not that embarrassing :P Anyway I love my glasses from Lena Hoschek, they are my first cat-eyes <3
I ordered the shoes online and afterwards I chose to delete the newsletter of the website since it was in french and I do not speak this language. Well, now I do not know from where I got them xD
So I hope you are enjoying the hot weather as I do! Soon I am on vacation in Bulgary and I am really looking forward to sandy beaches, relaxing on the pool and parties :D
What do you think about this outfit?
As always praise and (reasonable) critics are welcome!
Thank you for stopping by!