24 Juli 2016

Bulgaria holiday #1

Hello lovelies, 

I am back in Austria since wednesday but finally I found some time and leisure to blog about my vacation in Bulgaria. I really enjoyed it there, had time to relax and quality time with my boyfriend far away from duties and household! We had to get up at 5 a.m and took a cab to the airport to catch our flight D: Around 12 o`clock we were at our hotel and got the key to our room:
It was a lovely room with modern funiture and the bath was huuuge and had this artistic window in there. The chambermaid did everyday such cute shapes like shells, roses and hearts!
Here you can see the outlook from our balcony. I am glad we did not have our room at the pool side so we had pretty quiet nights :)
At the lunch we aways got a visitor near our table: a sea gull 
I never thought sea gulls are that big, it really astonished me! It waited here until it got some food or a second see gull appeared. Afterwards it flew away and came again on the next day for lunch.
On the pool we got us some cocktails which were so strong we had to get a second non-alcoholic cocktail to mix them together! Otherwise they were not drinkable D: But the colours were really lovely xD
After dinner we had a long walk at the beach together. The sea in the evening is so beautiful to watch without all those people. I already found some nice sea shells and stones:
This was a wonderful relaxing first day on holiday!
Be prepared for some more posts about it :)