30 Juli 2016

Bulgaria Holiday #2

Hello lovelies,

we also went out and had good times in different clubs near our hotel. A little party never killed nobody, right? :D I kept my outfit and my make-up pretty simple since it was still hot and the sweat would melt my make-up anyway xD So just a bit of a wing, white eyeshadow and a lip balm were enough^^
Please excuse the quality of some pics in this post: Some are from my mobile phone and with bad lighting ):
My outfit for the first night out was just black and white:
Necklace: Claire´s // Shirt, Shorts: H&M(old) // Sandals: Deichmann // Bag: From Japan
Aren't we cute? xD My bf is so much more tanned than me! We spent the same amount of time in the sun and I am getting sunburnt - yay not xD
So we found a nice Shisha Bar on the way which had Happy Hour AND Pina Colada! We did not have any single cocktail in the hotel which included coco and we really yearned for it!
Usually I am not a smoker at all! Neither it tastes pleasing for me even I tried cigarettes and Shisha, nor it is healthy at all.But we smoked nice melon tobacco and it was really delicious! It really surprised me :o
Afterwards we went to various clubs and with our 'Fun-Card' we had there free entry! I really enjoyed myself and had fun dancing there even though music was played I do not listen :)

Be prepared for the next post!



  1. Yay! A vacation! ❤
    It's normal to take just basic phone pictures when traveling, not everyone has those super quality tiny cameras or time and energy to carry around a systems camera. :P

    You're so cute even when really casual. ❤
    I used to smoke sisha, but haven't got any flavour cigarette for ages. Used to get a migraine from the apple flavoured one, but cherry was my favourite back int he days. Nice to know you liked it, because when enjoyed occasionally it's actually nice to hang around with people and smoke some flavours. x)

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Yeah, but I feel bad anyway xD

      Thank you, dear <3 It is really nice to do so but I do not think I would buy a Shisha for it^^ Gladly my dad got one, so I can use his^^