04 August 2016

Bulgaria Holiday #3

Hello lovelies,

moving on with my holiday adventures we booked a trip to Nessebar! The city is a World Heritage Site and famous for its curches there. We read often about it while we researched for our vacation so we decided to go there. We had to get up early, a bus picked us up and drove us to the harbour there. We got on thesailing ship 'Royal Helena':
I was not sure if I would be a bad or a good sailor so I took the risk of 5 hours on a boat  . . and I did not get sea sick!
The waves were not too bad and it was really relaxing. It is somehow stunning to see just water around you and no land on the horizon in sight. Sadly we did not see some dolphins. We took a short nap explored the 'Royal Helena'.

It was really windy at the bow of the ship but we felt so cool there we took a picture xD Here is my hair okay and you can see the wind playing with it but we had to take it several times because I always got hair in my face and I could not see anything xD

We arrived at the peninsula and had a guided tour trough the city. Above you can see one of the most impressive churches from there. Nowadays it is a museum. The following one is just a big ruin:
But it would be a lovely place for photo shootings ^^
It is so imposing that the walls are still standing!
We enjoyed there the cool shade and went on to get some ice cream! Maybe you can see it here but I already had a lovely sunburn in my arms even though I applied sunscreen with a high SPF!
After strolling around in the city we met our guide and the rest of the group and travelled back to the hotel by bus. It was a nice trip and my bf loves the sea and being on a boat so he had the greatest joy xD

There is still more to come :)


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