26 August 2016

★Review: modes4u.com★

Hello lovelies,
in 2 weeks I am starting work again. This means I need some new fancy kawaii stuff for writing with, writing on and the most essential something to stick beneath a good mark! Therefor I ordered from modes4u.com, a website selling a lot of kawaii things like pens, stationery, bento boxes, fabrics and much more. I already made a review back in 2014 if you are interested in seeing my first order there: *click*

I ordered via the website and paid with Paypal. But it is alslo possible to pay with advance payment and credit card! 


Here is what I got for me this time:
~ Ghost Shopping Bag
~ Ghost Sticker
~ Ghost Notebook
~ Rilakkuma Checklist Notepad
~ Cupcake & Ghost Mini Notepad
~ Sanrio Halloween Sticker
~ San-X Sumikkogurashi Ballpoint
~ Rilakkuma Eiffeltower Pencil
~ Sentimental Circus Surprise Charm
As you can see I am all about the ghost themed stuff so I want to start with the best ghost item :D
I am often in need of more bags! For example I have to do some quick grocery shopping or carry more notebooks or test home and I do not want to buy some plastic bags they sell at the shops. Now I am lucky to have this cute ghost with me :)
The ghosts on the note book are so cute and now I am not entirely sure if I will use the stickers for my pupils or for myself, they are adorable as well!
I like to theme the stickers matching the month! As you might think in October there will be loads of ghosts and spiders in my pupils note books :D
I always wanted a Sumikogurashi pen, now I have one and it writes with black ink, yay! 
These are the two sheet designs of the small Cupcake & Ghost Notepad. I love them both so much I do not want to use them xD
This charm was in my Sentimental Circus Surprise Box. I am glad I got the 'Alice in Wonderland' themed one even though there were some even nicer ones^^ I am pretty happy with all my ordered items and all the available characters I like:★★
Official San-X Store Modes4u.com


I ordered together with a friend to reach the 60€ to save on shipping costs since they get always more when you add something to your basket! The prices are okay because I did not find anywhere similar items.

Maybe I would not order there if I was alone wanting kawaii items 
from the website. But at least they ship worldwide and offer free shipping for orders above 60€/78U$/48£.
Modes4u also got a FB page where you find the latest additions to the shop and Giveaways! This one runs until the 29th August: *click*
So all in all this review is positive with 14 of 15 stars which is always good!

What is your opinion about this website?
Which of my purchases was your favourite?
Let me know it!

Boutique kawaii Modes4u.com

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  1. Such cute, spooky stuff! Especially love the ghostly notepads ;) I came across that shop a couple of times before and I'm thinking about trying it out now as I also am in need for stickers to cutesify my life :D