30 August 2016

Instagram: May & June

Hello lovelies,

somehow I forgot about my monthly Instagram review from May and June! I was really busy then since these were the last months of serious school business. Doing some last tests and giving the deciding mark if a pupil can pass or not was really time consuming.
Nevertheless I had a nice weekend at my parents in the beginning of May as you can see on the first pic:)
I went to buy some clothes wit my bf's band since they needed some coordination help ;) Of course I found myself something too! The bag is so huge and practical it is my everyday bag for work. I am not that happy with the shoes since they are still hurting me D:
My bf had his 23rd birthday in May so we celebrated it with nice food, a long walk in the park, goofing around and seeing a movie  together <3
Vienna is such a beautiful place! I really like the architecture of older buildings from the gothic era. This pic is from the town hall of Vienna.
Yep, it is June and I am buying boots xD But aren't this shoes enough excuse to do so? :D These are my first Demonias and they are a bit to big on me . . but better to big than too small ^^ Thick socks and an insole will solve the problem :)
In June was the Rock in Vienna again! I had fun with my friends and enjoyed various bands on all 3 days. Here is my blogpost about it: *click*
I ordered from Killstar again and got a little crazy . .but there is only free shipping when you reach 150 pounds so I have to order this much :P No seriously, I love their stuff so much I cannot help myself <3
I also got new glasses in this month since my sight got worse and I hated my old glasses frame already. I am pretty happy with my new ones :)
Since my allergy to strawberries dissappeared a year ago I could eat them everyday! The best ones are freshly picked from the strawberry fields*O*
This pic was taken 4 days before the holidays started :D The last 2 weeks of school were full of projects, art and outdoor activities and I enjoyed seeing my class having fun outside of their typical school environment.
Now there is just a week left of my holidays and I have to say I am looking forward to seeing them again even though I would like to have more holidays :P I did not even half the stuff I wanted to do xD But isn't it always like that?

Thank you for stopping by! I hope your May and June were not that stressful :)