04 September 2016

Outfit: Wednesday, it is!

Hello lovelies,

I am back with a new summer outfit! I wore this to a lovely brunch at Café Little Britain in Vienna with 2 lolita friends and it was still way too hot D: But I recently bought it so I wanted to wear it anyway xD And I am deeply in love with my summer hat! It elevates every outfit and I do not ave to worry about my hair style :D

Hat: Oberwalder // Dress: Killstar // Bag: Angelic Pretty // Shoes: Deichmann // Necklace: ???

This dress got the perfect length which is not too long for me so I would seem even shorter than I am. But it is also not too short so it would be too revealing to wear^^
I am also really happy I found this Angelic Pretty bag online to buy it second hand! Since I like wearing gothy, dark fashion also everyday I will not use it only for Lolita fashion :)
It is so versatile to wear since I can wear it as a backpack or as a shoulder strap bag! Some may wonder why I bought this glittery bat with blinging eyes (because I hate glittery stuff usually) but in this case it brings some attention and stands out more when I wear black clothes.
And here is the tiny creepy detail :D I should wear this necklace more often. A lot of people told me they are irritated from the little eye peeking out of the collar ^^
So as always praise and critics are welcome!
Thank you for stopping by!


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