19 September 2016

Sungazer 100916

Hello lovelies,

work life hit me hard again and I did not find time or energy to blog as you might noticed. I got a time table I am not so keen on but it will change soon because my headmaster found some errors in the subject distribution. Anyway some of you might know my bf is part of a band called Sungazer since this year! I am their photographer so I got to see every concert until now^^
This concert was the quarter final of the SPH-Contest. It took place in the Escape Metalcorner. The band was really worried because all of them thought they sold way to less tickets.
Well, Sungazer sold the most tickets so they were allowed to choose their playing time!
I love to take pics with the fog machine, they got the best atmosphere with good light!
Sungazer classifies their music as Symphonic Metal. One of their idols is Kamelot, and in my opinion they are a bit similar to them ;)
Lisa is the latest member of the band and it is wonderful to see a woman in the band and it is challenging to take pics of her but I like action shoots anyway :D
They even won the first place this evening with a big lead! Here is the fbsite and the youtube account if you want to hear more from them: *fb* *YT*

Next concert dates are:
30th September, *click*
15th October, *click*
I am definitely going to see and photograph both concerts! 
Let me know if you will be there :)



  1. Voll lustig, wusste gar nicht, dass dein Freund bei Sungazer singt!!

    Wir hätten früher dieses Jahr gemeinsam mit Sungazer und einer norwegischen Band ein Konzert spielen sollen, aber dann sind bei Sungazer und uns Bandleute erkrankt und wir mussten absagen :(
    Wenn sie Kamelot ähneln, dann könnte mir ihre Musik durchaus gefallen :D

    1. Ich glaub, das war aber noch vor David als Sänger^^
      Ja, aber anscheinend gibt´s ja ein Event mit deiner Band im März?:D