07 September 2016

Serial Fun #1

Hello lovelies,

today I want to write about a topic that got in the meantime a hobby of me and my bf: watching series! Yes, I watched all the anime like Pokémon, Sailor Moon and similar series when I was a child but until now I was more a fan of films since I did not like the waiting for the next season, the spoilers . . you know what I mean, right?
But since we got Netflix we use it nearly everyday to watch something^^
Above you see some series I watched already or I am watching right now:
I really loved iZombie which is a adaption to comic books from DC. It is about Liv who works as a doctor in an hospital, is engaged to her best friend and lives possibly her best life. One day she gets invited to a boat party and everything turns around . . well you know what happend to her ;)
I watched the first season since the second one is not on Netflix yet^^ It is the perfect mixture of crime-solving, comedy and horror details for me :)
I loved the pocket monsters as a kid and had to have all the Gameboy games too! I stumbled across the first season 'Pokémon: Indigo League' on Netflix while searching for something easy to watch while ironing clothes xD And since Pokémon Go came out I wanted to refresh my knowledge about this universe.
Now I understand again why everyone is so obsessed with Pikachu! I did not get it when I was in Japan and the whole Pokémon Center was full of it^^ 
I really like the main characters even though Ash is a derp, gets nearly every gym badge for free and everyone gifts them their best Pokémon xDD But it is a kids anime so I have to facepalm from time to time but it is funny too xD

What are you watching right now?
I am up to see the second season of Outlander <3
Let me know what you think about those series :)



  1. iZombie got pretty good at the end of season 2, hope to see what happens next. Outlander is awesome too *_* I have learnt so much about Scottish history from that TV series. I wish I could read Diana Gabaldon's book, but I cannot find it in the bookstore...?
    Supernatural and Sleepy Hollow is okay, but lost it's charm a bit.
    I am also watching Lucifer, am waiting for following seasons of Daredevil, Marco Polo and new Star Trek :D

    1. I am now reading the books! The series is literally made after the books! Even the dialogues are identical*O*
      Supernatural is now longbreathed but I like the bromance xD
      I heard Lucifer should be really good!