26 September 2016

Birthday Girl #1: Lolita

Hello lovelies, 
I celebrated my 23rd birthday in August which is already nearly a month away now! I made 3 different birthday parties (family, Lolita friends, Metal friends) to not have a big celebration because I want something big for my 25th birthday :) Here is my outfit for my brunch with Lolita/J-Fashion friends at 'Little Britain':

Hat: Oberwalder // Blouse: Primark // JSK: Cherie Cerise // Necklace: Innocent World // Brooch: Peppermint Fox
The Jumperskirt is called 'The unfriendly cat and her royal court' so I used it also as my theme. Pearls always help to crown a coordinate and make it more royal. Finally I found an outfit where I could use this brooch - through its lavender-blueish colour it is hard to coordinate D:
It was really hot and humid that day so I opted for my straw hat to do its last appearance until the next summer! It is so cute I am glad I bought it! I also really like the bag I bought back in Japan at my last trip but I wear it way to less.
I had some pancakes with blueberries and some fresh fruit - so delicious! The waitresses there are so nice too and like to see us wearing our fancy clothes :)
I did not wear tights due to this weather but I wore nice closed shoes since I hate my toes xD These strappy shoes look so lovely but hurt really bad after a short time wearing them :(
Of course I had to drink a rose lemonade - I could bath in it! As dessert I had a blueberry crumble. Yep, I love blueberries in every form xD
Here is the unfriendly cat and her royal court! The bunny was one of the main reasons to buy the JSK, just look at it :D Overall I like the cute yet elegant print of the dress and the unusual colour :)
I chose minimal make-up so it would not be that tragic to sweat: my usual winged eyeliner, some white eyeshadow to match the jewellery and a rosy lipstick
It was so wonderful to chat with my girl we did not even took pics :O I also forgot to photograph the presents I got but jewellery, hair accessories, Sherlock stuff and chocolate pretty much describes it :)
Thank you for stopping by!



  1. You look so pretty! I love the colour of the dress on you and I think the brooch looks just beautiful with everything! I love Peppermint Fox! Happy you got to wear it. <3

    Funny to think that it's so hot in there, because it's so cold in here! I gotta have a thick and warm coat already, scarf and everything. It's around 10 degrees and sometimes with the wind and humidity, it has felt like maybe 3 degrees.

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Thank you, dear^.^

      We cannot really explain why it is that hot in September...today we had 27 degrees?! It is also unusual for autumns in Austria.

  2. Very pretty coord! I like how you paired the lavender with black, also the brooch fits so well! The pancakes and cake look SO delicious! I really miss Little Britain already, I think this will be one of the first places I'll need to visit as soon as I return to Austria.

    Also I'd like to wish you a belated happy birthday! :D

    1. Thank you! We should go there together when you are back in Austria^.^
      Thank you again, dear <3