14 Juni 2016

Trying Asian Candy #3: Cheesecake Kitkat & Heart-shaped Strawberry Pocky

Hello lovelies, 
here is the next part of the 'Trying Asian Candy' series! If you are interested in the previous posts click here to check them out: *click* Here is again the whole pile I brought home from Japan:
So I start with the cheesecake flavoured KitKat you see in the left bottom corner of the pic above:
So this is what it looks like right out of its package! It tastes sweet and it tastes a lot like dairy.
But as you can see on the parcel is a instruction how to bake them in the oven - of course I tried that!
We left them a bit too long in the oven but we just cut off the black parts of it and it tasted better than before! My boyfriend was a huge fan of this taste of Kitkat since he would die for a great cheesecake x)
Next up are those little cuties! Many of you know Pocky for sure but these ones are heart shaped and strawberry flavoured!
Isn't that adorable? The little heart made me happy I bought them xD Anyway they did not taste different to the 'normal' strawberry Pocky^^
So this was the bigger part I brought home and was tasted with family and friends! Stay tuned for some new Asian Candy!
Thank you for reading!