10 Juni 2016

Instagram: March & April

Hello lovelies,

here is the next Instagram recap of March and April! This time I got to show you 10 pics since I was way more active on Instagram! I also want to change my colour scheme there but you will notice it with the pics. The pic above shows a lovely rose lemonade I had with some fellow Lolitas. Rose is one of the best flavours for me <3
Again I met some Lolitas for hot chocolate and macarons! The pastry shop had an amazing variety of sweets. I took a champagne, a chestnut and an orange flavoured macaron and I liked every single one!
At a weekend in March I was at my parents and we took a long walk in the nearby wood. It was wonderful to see the spring coming and we also enjoyed this beautiful sunset.
I got my first dress from Krad Lanrete and my first lilac piece in my wardrobe! I saw it on a friend of me and immediately fell in love with the print! The girl who sold it to me also gave me this matching necklace :o I am just waiting for the perfect occasion to wear it :D
On the first April my family visited me in Vienna, we celebrated my mums birthday and the 6th anniversary of me and my boyfriend! So we decided to eat dinner at TGI Fridays and had some delicious burgers and sweet potatoe fries *Q*
Killstar got me again and I ordered these Egyptian cat leggings. First I was not sure if my legs would look good in them but I got many compliments for them :)
We started our trip to Munich with not so great weather and arrived a bit too late but everything was good then. I liked the atmosphere of this scenery a lot!
We finally found the concert location, missed the first song but the rest of the concert was awesome! Here is an extra post about Meinhards concert (*click*) and the fan meet-up on the next day: *click*
After this weekend was the net bigger event: Lena Hoschek had her annual Stock Sale! I was there on time and was one of the first to enter the atelier :D Of course I could not leave empty-handed and found stuff for me. You can check it out here: *click*
So my boyfriend is now the vocalist of a band called Sungazer and after their rehearsal we invited them to some drinks and games. They were late and I am already waiting so I took the chance to make some picsxD I liked my liptint and my nails that day so I like the pic too ^^

My Killstar leggings pic was the first of my 'new' Instagram theme. I want to have a more black-white-pastel coloured feed, the one I had until now was a bit headless but now I want to put some effort into Instagram too^.^


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