19 Juni 2016

Outfit: Just be weird ~♪

Hello lovelies,
I really like to dress nicely but I always forget to take pics of my outfit! There are also times I remember it but then there is hardly any time to do so . .and we all know those bad, blurred pics we take at parties, right? They are not postable! But once I had some time at home since my friends were an hour too late xD
And here is my outfit for a party at home:
Necklace: Alchemy Gothic // Shirt: Killstar // Harness: Listen Flavor // Skirt: Primark (old) // Socks:??? // Shoes: Secondhand
The shirt says: Be weird. Become a witch. Stay crazy. Don't give a fuck.
It is one of these shirts I love on the website but I was not sure if I should buy it since I cannot wear it to work because of the swearwords . . buuut I decided to buy it anyway xD
This necklace is a pretty old piece from Alchemy Gothic! I got it through Kleiderkreisel, a german fleamarket-like website and I am really glad I did not lose it since now!
I kept my eye make-up simplier since I wore some lip tint. I like the sharp edge of the eyeliner^^
And here are my awesome new shooooes I bought secondhand! Aren't they lovely? :D I also love those small pattern on those buckles:
And here is my outfit on Lookbook too so leave a hype and a comment here:
Thank you for passing by!
Praise and critics are welcome :)