18 April 2016

Trying Asian Candy #2: Pokémon Cookies and Harry Potter Toads

Hello lovelies, 

I was on a short trip to Munich since friday and now I am sick. Yay. Not. Anyway this is a post I previously prepared for you but I did not have any time to post it D: Anyway this time I brought the sweets directly from my Japan trip and tried them at home with friends and family! It was funny and also interesting for me since most tastes and motives are so new to european tongues :D These are all the sweets I took home with me:

Some of them will be in the next Trying Asian Candy ;) I start with some Pokémon Cookies I bought in the Pokémon Center in Sunshine City:
I think the box is soooo adorable and I am a sucker for Eevee´s first evolutions Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon and Umbreon! The cookies are  shaped like the Eevee and her evolutions <3
Now onto the flavour: It tasted like cocoa cookies? They are definitely not the best but they were okay. I still keep some since I love the cute faces a lot :D

Many of you maybe remember the scene from the first Harry Potter movie where he opens up his first chocolate frog. This was one of my favourite scenes from it! Even the sweets were magical and hard to catch xD
Well, the reality looks a bit different! The frog is huge and really edged, not like the one in the movie at all . . just look at its big lower jaw xD The dark chocolate was quite good but we needed 8 people and a knife to eat it xD
The last amphibian candy in this post are the Peppermint Toads! Very similar to After Eight it is dark chocolate filled with peppermint fondant. I really dig the details on the package . . yep, I am a wrapping victim xD
I like After Eight more than those Toads but maybe it is the different flavour of the chocolate^^
Here you can revisit with me the Universal Studios where I bought all these goodies: *click*

Which one of these would you like to try? Which one is the cutest?
Let me know it in the comments!


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