06 April 2016

Japan Holiday 2015: Last day ( Meiji Shrine, Kawaii Monster Café)

Hello lovelies, 
on our last day we finally had the time to visit the Meiji Shrine which was just around the corner from our appartement xD We did not take time earlier for it which is sad because it is a beautiful place to be more often. It was a relaxing but hot walk but I loved the atmosphere there a lot!
Those barrels full of Sake were beautifully decorated with hand painted motives and writings!
Does not look the construction of the building really beautiful? I love the deatils of every single timber and the brown and white contrast!
There were 2 walls of these little wooden plates where people could write their wishes onto them. It looked really lovely seeing them!
This was our second time visiting the Kawaii Monster Café! This time we chose to sit in the Mushroom Disco and we could directly see the funny carousel.
This order menu looked like it was made out of cake but worked like a tablet^^

I ordered a dish called M.A.D.B.L.T. I did not like the sausage in there but the dips were awesome! I think the blue one was cheese flavoured, one was butter, onw garlic but sadly I forgot the rest^^ 
Here you can have a look at most of the dishes: *click*

This was our last memory of this place: a group picture of us with the Monster girls Crazy, Candy and Nasty and a cute waitress who spoke a bit german with us :) It was a wonderful condignly evening with the ladies!

On the next day we headed to the airport and took our plane home. On the one side I was happy to get home away from the heat and sleep in my own bed but on the other side a day later I already missed all the stylish people and shops there.
In Tokyo I wore what I wanted to wear but at home I doubt about my clothing choices and if they are wearable in Vienna or not.

But soooooon I am gonna be back there <3



  1. Omg everything looks so cool and amazing! I wish I could visit this place, it's awesome *_*
    Thanks for your comment :D


  2. omg this looks so awesome! I can't wait for going to Japan in two weeks!