21 März 2016

★Review: Killstar★

Hello lovelies,

it is time for a new review which is long overdue! I ordered several times from Killstar but I did not make a review about this brand . . until now! I do not know anymore how I came across the shop but it is already a year I ordered there my first time!
Killstar stands for gothic, witchy designs full of occult symbols, movie quotes and satanic cats!
Here are all of their Lookbooks where you can see certain clothing series worn: *click*

I ordered via their website. It is possible to pay with Paypal and your credit card! So ordering was really easy!

I ordered following items:
~ Bony Collar Top
~ Witch Crop Sweater
~ Cult Leggings
~ Magi Skater Dress
~ Pin Pack 3
All items were separatly packed and had those fancy tags attached:
Now onto every single piece starting with the Bony Collar Top:
It is pretty long so I can wear it with Leggings but it is also suitable to wear it with a skirt! The bones are beautifully printed onto the fabric.
The buttons are simple but I think it does a lot for the busy print.
Next up is the Witch Crop Sweater:
Usually I am not a fan of crop tops but since they are wearable for me with high-waisted skirts I like them^^ The symbols on the sleeves make it unnecessary to wear any more accessories with it!
I also adore the lettering since I love those old medieval letters! As you can see above the print there is also a Oujia board sticker attached to the tag :)
These are the Cult leggings, my first pair from Killstar. I wanted them because I like the hint of those slightly up-flashing symbols.
I already wore them in these posts: *click* *click* *click*
Next is the Magi Skater Dress - the main reason I wanted to order from Killstar again^^ I loved the way it looked on the model but if I wear it my bra shows to much or I got so much cleavage I feel uncomfortable in it. But I want to buy a lace tube top or a lacy braor somehting similar to wear underneath^^
Second thing I did not realize until I wore it: the straps are also made of stretchy material which is bad for hanging it on a clothes hanger since they get longer xD
The button pack is really great and I like the quotes! The quality is good, I can party ages without losing them ;D I also got the eye button on a tote bag and it did not get lost until now ^.^
I am pretty happy with all the items but I am not that sure about the straps of the Magi Skater Dress. So therefor I give them:

Prize & Shipping:
The website is on the pricier side since you have to pay with pounds too. But there are a lot of discount days like free shipping and codes on special days you get with the newsletter :)
The package is always pretty packed, all the items are separately wrapped!

I love their designs a lot! Right now I am thinking about ordering again :> For unique designs, all the new prints and accessories you have to pay of course. So I am okay with the higher prices!
Here are the pieces I would love to buy right now:
From left to right:
~ Baphomet Skater Skirt

~ Symbolic Scarf
~ Occult Leggings
~ Stargazer Velvet Skater Dress
~ Sue Acidal Dress
To buy or not to buy? Help me decide :D
What is your opinion about this brand?
Dou you have experience with Killstar?


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